Fii Laa Tekkee

Break the cycle of climate migration.

In the Wolof language, fii laa tekkee means “I succeeded here”

The Fii Laa Tekkee Association was created by a group of individuals who share a common vision: Rural development that respects the environment, the people, and their culture.

The Fii Laa Tekkee association creates and supports community-based sustainable development actions to help the people and the environment of the Saloum region of Senegal and to introduce the world to this remarkable region: a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve, and a RAMSAR Wetlands Convention Site.

Delta du Saloum Biosphere Reserve, Senegal (

RAMSAR – Parc national du Delta du Saloum | Ramsar Sites Information Service

Natural World Heritage Site : Saloum Delta – UNESCO World Heritage Centre